Pandemic Love

D-Funk and the Phatfunk Clique

Funky mnemonic jazz violin grooves to elevate the mood. The vibe is interwoven with hip hop and r&b stylings.

Da Phatfunk Clique blends styles of Jazz, Funk, and Hip-Hop to create an absolutely mnemonic vibe that will flow with you as you cruise down the highway, or even as an ambiance fill in the background with smooth beats to provide momentum throughout the work day. The project was an experiment to incorporate the violin in funk grooves as the lead instrument and voice to create a unique audiophile experience. Select editions even include video tracks! DON'T FORGET to check out the digital download options where you can download individual tracks you like best.

Our SINCERE thank-you's go out to everyone who has bought this album and used tracks on air and in films to make our first project a success!

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