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Da Phatfunk Clique

In 1998, violinist Darrell Looney began a project with the goal of writing music based on various styles including funk, modal jazz, hip hop, Latin and Caribbean. He collaborated with several local musicians in the NYC area to create the first album titled "Pandemic Love". Notable contributors were Brian Ellis (Bass Guitar) and Rob Caggiano (Guitar). Darrell Looney contributed drum programming, keyboard and violin work. This rough CD product segued into the formation of the band initially called "D-Funk and Da Phatfunk Clique" but morphed into simply "Da Phatfunk Clique" as it finally took shape, becoming a more collaborative effort. The members of the band varied over time and often from performance to performance, but included such wonderful musicians as:

Paul Rhea (Drums)

J. Adrian Tyndall (keyboards)

Abdul Giwa (Drums/percussion)

Brian Ellis (Bass Guitar)

Janet Rogers (keyboards)

Micheal Thomas (drums)

Cecil Hodge (keyboards)

Andy Waintraub (Drums)

Darrell Nickens (keyboards)

Walter Roberts (Bass Guitar)

Darrell Looney (keyboards and violin)



The longest running line up of the group has to date been the collaboration between Janet, Brian, Micheal and Darrell in which they undertook regional touring/performances through out NYC and sporadically into the Midwest. This generated the group's second CD release "Audiophile Advisory", two performance DVD's entitled "Funk Violin Live from NYC" volumes 1 and 2. As well as the group's third CD release entitled "Da G Groove Project":


Audiophile Advisory  Funk Violin Live  Funk Violin Live vol. 2 Da G Groove Project


In June of 2007, the group were finalists in the Capitol Jazz Fest Competition (the performance for which is available on the DVD Funk Violin Live - vol. 2). Currently, the group continues as a collaborative concept with varying members as the music continues to develop its funky jazzy vibe under direction of violinist Darrell "D-Funk" Looney.