Audiophile Advisory

Da Phatfunk Clique

Funky Jazz violin, seasoned with Caribbean and Latin stylings, all done with a violin lead.

Innovation is the basis of the creation of a unique sound and vibe when writing music. Such high ideas are the basis of the current body of work from the four person group, Da Phatfunk Clique. Formed during the performance series promoting the 1999 collaborative release by Brian Ellis (Bass Guitar) and Darrell Looney (Violin) – Pandemic Love, this album's line up blossomed into its sound with the addition of Janet Rogers (Keyboards) and Michael Thomas (Drums). Die hard fans of Da Phatfunk Clique will recognize Vox Poetic as a live interpretation of one of the more successful tracks from the Pandemic Love CD, while Favorite Things is a fusion jazz violin interpretation of Rogers and Hammerstein’s timeless melody. The six remaining tracks on the album were written by various members of the group, developed into their full concept upon presentation to the band as a whole and resulting from a mindset of collaboration. Conceptually, a funky drum vibe from Michael comprises the foundation of each track, phattened with the melodic bass efforts from Brian. Janet’s laid-back chording weaves an enveloping tapestry into which Darrell places his violin lead. This is a consistent mode throughout the CD as the group serves up its brand of funky Jazz, seasoned with Latin and Caribbean influences. There is even a serenade-ballad with chord progressions penned by Michael Thomas that uses the serendipitous vocalizations of Darrell’s infant son at age 3 months, complete with rattle in hand, interwoven with a violin and bass duet by Brian and Darrell, supported by Janet's chord voicings. There’s just no duplicating the vibe created.

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